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.... With her own personal musical approach, Marietta explores the classical, the traditional, and the contemporary in Cuban music. Her compositions, originated from an open-mindedness and musical freedom, combine elements of European Classical music, Afro-Cuban rhythmic traditions, elements of Jazz and contemporary music, minimalism and Cuban popular music, giving rise to her own distinctive and creative language.

Educated in the Escuela Nacional de Música in Habana for higher piano studies with pianist composer Andres Allen, nominated for a Grammy in 2001, and in the Escuela Superior de Música, she received awards for composition from UNEAC (Unión de Escritores y Artistas de Cuba) and from the University of Habana, like the Premio 13 de Marzo.

As a child, she took private lessons with her mother Josefina Menéndez, who did piano studies at the Juilliard School of Musicin New York. Later on she received professional guidance from renowned musicians such as Chucho Valdés, Leo Brower, Roberto Valera and Juan Blanco. She was brought up to learn the traditions of classical European music. At the same time, she was submerged in the AfroCuban, and Latin music culture, researching into Afrocuban percussion rhythms with leading percussionists at the Conjunto Floklórico Nacional and Danza Nacional de Cuba, like Justo Pelladito, Guillermo López and Regino Jiménez, with whom she later worked in collaboration.

In the 80’s she was music advisor at the University of Habana and was founder member of the Electro-Acoustic Music Lab in Cuba. She composed music for several international festivals of Electro-acoustic music in La Habana. She has also composed music for the screen in Cuba, and has collaborated with other composers like Juan Antonio Leyva, recently winner of a Goya award.

She was founder member, music director, composer and pianist for almost a decade with Buendía Theatre Company of Habana, with which she toured extensively in Europe, South America and the UK. Within Buendia, she also created various experimental mixed discipline shows working with dancers, actors and artists, like Leandro Soto and Humberto González. With Buendía, she composed the music of theatre versions of La Candida Eréndira by Gabriel García Marquez and Roberto Zucco by Bernard-Marie Koltes. In 2006 she created the music for the Out of the Box theatre production The Leningrad Siege directed by Mark Rosenblatt.

Her work was shown in places such as South Bank Centre, The Assembly Rooms (Edinburgh Festival), Queen Elizabeth Hall, Riverside Studios and Ronnie Scotts, and was recorded live and broadcasted by BBC Radio 3 from the Purcell Room in the South Bank Centre.

She has performed in concerts as a solo pianist in venues such as the Bolivar Hall, The Spitz, Newcastle International Music Festival, Riverside Studios, Warrick Arts Centre, La Línea Latin American International Festival.

In 2006 she released Piano Cubano, a CD with her compositions, which was launched with a solo concert at the Queen Elizabeth Hall.

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