‘Piano Cubano’

In this album I explore the classical and the contemporary in Cuban music written for piano. With an open mind, inspired by my experience in multicultural London, I combine elements of classical music, Afro-Cuban rhythmic traditions, elements of jazz and minimalism and Cuban popular music, taking what I need to create a language that would neither be one or the other anymore, but all at the same time.

I make use of mini melodic/rhythmic/harmonic structures and basic classic structures to create a space for improvisation. I tie all these together by resorting to powerful Afro-Cuban polyrhythms which, in my opinion, are capable of creating as rich a canvas as a baroque counterpoint. My music intends to carry the soul of popular music into the concert hall and to universalise the beauty of popular traditions.


“Her music is somewhat difficult to describe but not to listen to. I strongly recommend this interesting and beautiful record of pieces by a fascinating and genuinely musical artist. It deserves every success.”
Robert Matthew-Walker

Musical Opinion

“This is music with a strong, distinctive yet withdrawn character, suitable for concentrated listening or for dreamy contemplation. Well worth investigating. If you like Piazzolla you will find him lurking somewhere here in her use of fairly traditional often minor key harmony as well as in searching and leaping melodies. If you like Ludovico Einaudi likewise he is here in the meditative, minimalistic moods and the ecstatic repetitious cadences..”

Gary Higginson

MusicWeb International

“…vital, creative and highly enjoyable. The movement from classical forms into improvisation is seamless, while the multiple rhythms employed lead to complex episodes that are nevertheless instantly attractive and satisfying. Even her contemporary forms have an energy that holds the attention as she explores new areas. Excellent.”


Scotland on Sunday

“All of this is original music by Cuban pianist Marietta Veulens. She gives the impression she has recorded a series of improvisations. What suggests improvisation is her rhythms and her rhythmic elasticity.

Veulens is a sensitive player with a keen sensibility for piano timbres. Her pedaling technique is extraordinarily refined – a real pleasure to hear.”


American Record Guide